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Sadly I am unable to attend the Richard Street & The Temptations gig at Brighton on the 28th. It did get me reminiscing, though !

Back in the mid-60's I went to Streatham to see The Temptations.  It was either at The Locarno or The Silver Blades, but I can't remember exactly where.  Anyway before the show opened the MC came on stage to inform us that the group performing that night was not the original Motown act, but a group calling themselves The Fabulous Temptations.  

Everyone in the audience was given the option of leaving with their ticket money returned or staying on to see the show.  My friends and I decided to remain and were treated to a top quality performance... OK, not the 'Temps', but a good show none the less.

I remember somebody telling me much later that The Fabulous Temptations were actually The Invitations ('What's Wrong With Me Baby').  

Anyone out there remember The Fabulous Temptations and are able to confirm who they actually were ?

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Thanks very much for this Bill, I remember being told about this quite a lot back in the day.

One such act were the group who were to become 'The Fantastics', they charted with 'Something Old, Something New' on Bell Records. They supposedly toured as The Fantastic Temptations and I can't help feeling they may well have been the outfit you saw.

Their lead singer was, I believe, Ritchie Pitts who settled in this country and allegedly became a lecturer of music in Sheffield! Ritchie had also been in The Invitations and The Velours. See

I can remember going to The New Century Hall in Manchester in either 1967 or 1968 thinking that we were going to see The Temptations. They looked like The Tempts (even down to the lead singer wearing Ruffin style glasses) and sounded like them too. The following day it was announced in one of the Sunday rags that they weren't The Tempts at all. One of my school friends (who later went on to DJ at The Wheel and should have known better) even claimed that he spoke to David Ruffin after the gig! You can imagine how we ripped him when the truth came out!! I think they changed their name to The Fantastics and recorded Baby Make Your Own Sweet Music. Ahhhh, those were the days!!




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